Jose Esteban Guzman Alvarez
Mobile: 647-917-8506

Full Stack Developer at iDream InteractiveSept 2021 - Present
Twinspires Project
  • Worked on migrating the site from WordPress to a modern tech stack using Strapi, RemixJS,, Doppler, etc.
  • Worked on maintaining, enhancing, and debugging the site.
  • Implemented new CMS features and developed widgets for the site.
GDPR Tool Project (Private/Internal)
  • Automated processing and emailing of GDPR requests (a previously manual process).
  • Utilized NestJS, React, and MySQL.
Spin Project
  • Contributed to the development of Spin, an e-sports site with a custom CMS.
  • Utilized Hasura, GraphQL and NextJS.
8-Count-TV Project
  • Worked in the development of 8-Count-TV, a CMS allowing operators to publish and embed short videos in other applications.
  • Utilized RemixJS, GraphQL, Hasura, and Mixpanel for analytics.
Pickboss Project
  • Worked on the development of Pickboss, a site with a range of content including articles, videos, and bet offers.
  • Developed custom plugins for Strapi.
  • Utilized Strapi and RemixJS.
Company Site Project (In-progress)
  • Actively leading the migration of the company's website from a Gatsby tech stack to a Strapi CMS for improved content management capabilities.
  • Utilized Prisma, RemixJS and Strapi.
Rhynocare Project (In-progress)
  • Prioritized writing fully tested code for backend development, ensuring reliability and robustness for all deployed solutions.
  • Designed and launched multiple micro-services, ensuring modular functionality, increased scalability, and improved platform maintainability.
George Brown College2017 - 2020
Ontario College Advanced Diploma - Computer Programmer Analyst
Course Highlights: Enterprise Application Development, Security, Java, IT Project Management, Database Programming, Web Design, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Software Skills
Programming Languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java, C#
Database Management: SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Hasura, GraphQL, Prisma
Frameworks/Libraries: React, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, MUI, Ant-D, RemixJS, GatsbyJS, NextJs, NestJS, Strapi
Design Tools: UML IDEs/Development Tools: VSCode, Gitpod, Codespaces
Environment Management: Doppler
CI/CD Tools: Bitbucket Pipelines
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Version Control Systems: Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Other skills:
  • Scripting: Bash
  • Web: HTML, CSS
  • Tools: NodeJS,, Google APIs, Stripe, Auth0, Redux, Docker, AWS
  • Deployment: Heroku, Netlify, DigitalOcean,
  • Project Management: Jira

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